Episode # 487 Dawa Tarchin Phillips - How To Use Mindfulness To Erase Negative Habits


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Leadership is one of the most powerful qualities a person can have - and you don't need to be a politician or CEO to reap its rewards. Effective leaders have the ability to empower, inspire and mobilize people around them… which is a terrific superpower to have no matter what you do in life! But are truly great leaders born? Or are they nurtured? And more importantly - how can you awaken the leader in you? On this brand new episode of The Inspiration Show, business trainer, coach and #1 best selling author, Neel Raman, reveals the surprising answer to these questions and unveils the 5 crucial questions that allow the natural leader in you to flourish.
Neel Raman - How to Awaken the Leader in You
Have you ever wondered why a friend can have such a deep spiritual experience while meditating but when you listen to the same meditation audio, you feel nothing? Or why it is that two people with the same disease have radically different responses to the same course of treatment? Or why so many people feel disconnected from themselves and their goals, for most of their lives? These are questions that my friend and spiritual teacher and healer, Ken Stone, uncovers in this brand new episode of The Inspiration Show. During the show, you’ll better understand how to break the barriers that are holding you back from experiencing your divine nature and you’ll discover an easy breathing technique that lets you connect with your higher self.
Ken Stone - How to Experience Your Divine Within
Do you live an active lifestyle? What motivates you to get off the couch? Would $50,000 get you out the door? If you’re nodding, then this fun and unique episode of The Inspiration Show was made for you. My special guest and author of “Breakfast Tea & Bourbon and The Hunt for $50,000”, just released an intriguing puzzle and real-life treasure hunt to inspire people to live a more playful, joyous and healthy lifestyle. During the show, Pete reveals the specific details of how each real-life clue can lead you to an actual treasure worth $50,000. A physical treasure is hidden somewhere in the United States, and the adventure is about to begin, but you’ll have to watch the full episode to discover when. Good luck!
Pete Bissonette - Breakfast Tea & Bourbon
Do you feel unfulfilled? Do you wake up wondering “Why am I here?” Do you ever feel anxious, depressed, unsettled or confused and you just can’t figure out why? Did you know that by Upgrading Your Frequency, you can change the way you show up in the world AND achieve the level of success you desire? During this fascinating episode of The Inspiration Show, Sandra Biskind (known for her powerful transformational techniques of freeing people from their limiting beliefs), reveals the 4 most crucial questions you need to ask yourself so you can upgrade your frequency right now. She also uncovers the secret code of Universe that leads to everlasting success and happiness.
Sandra Biskind - How to Upgrade Your Frequency

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