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Episode # 543 Richard Gordon - The Secret Nature of Matter

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Have you ever tried going one full day without complaining? Complaining is often a daily habit that from the moment we wake, we start doing without even noticing. But how would your life be different if you started your day by asking yourself what’s great instead of what’s challenging? On today’s special episode of The Inspiration Show, my guest and author of the book “This Messy Magnificent Life”, Geneen Roth, shares her fascinating transformation, going from self-hatred to over a year without complaining, and reveals the powerful process that made it happen.

Geneen Roth - This Messy Magnificent Life

Carl Studna is a world-renowned photographer and videographer, plus a multi-award winning author, yet his most innovative work is his ability to photograph the essence of love. On this episode of The Inspiration Show, Carl shares his fascinating method for capturing the light that resides within each and every one of us, and explains how we can fully express our authentic gifts.

Carl Studna - The Evolution of Loving

Debbie Ford was a sought-after spiritual teacher, and NY Times bestselling author who passed away 5 years ago, yet that didn’t stop her from writing what could be her greatest book yet. On this otherworldly episode of The Inspiration Show, we’re joined by personal growth expert and speaker, Arielle Ford. Arielle shares the story of her sister Debbie, and how she was able to translate Debbie’s words into a book with the help of celebrity medium James Van Praagh. Little did she know what started as a psychic reading would turn into her sister’s latest legacy, “Your Holiness: Discover the Light Within”. If you’re struggling with any soft or hard addiction, self-doubt, or dealing with an issue you can’t find an answer to, then Debbie’s book was made for you.

Arielle Ford - Discovering the Light Within

Why do so many people - even those who work really hard - still struggle to attract enough abundance into their lives? According to my brilliant friend and acclaimed wealth expert Derek Rydall, it's because 99% of us have been blinded to the natural sources of abundance both inside us and around us. In today's new episode of The Inspiration Show, Derek reveals a remarkable paradigm shift that will totally change how you create and manifest abundance. As someone who's spent decades studying this topic, I can assure you this one's a game-changer. Watch now.

Derek Rydall - The Abundance Project

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