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Episode # 564 Sarah Anne Shockley - How to Cope With Chronic Pain

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Jeremiah Burgess is a Liberian civil war survivor who found a copy of Napoleon Hill's  “Think and Grow Rich” while living in a Ghana refugee camp. Jeremiah applied the book's principles when he returned to his home country after the war to build a vocational training school from the ground up. While online, Jeremiah discovered Mind Movies and reached out for help. But that was only the beginning of his truly inspiring journey. Watch this exclusive episode to find out how you can play an essential part in Jeremiah’s mission to change a nation.

Jeremiah Burgess - Help Build a Sustainable School

Ready to go into the most soothing and deep trance? In this fascinating episode of The Inspiration Show, joining us is Lon; a gifted artist and visionary who creates ‘living art’ with sacred geometry. If you’ve never heard of it before, sacred geometry can be used as a visual meditation tool to help you navigate through challenging times and think ‘outside the box’ so you can make positive changes in your life. Watch this video as Lon shows you how to use sacred geometry to create the life you want and how to use it in your Mind Movie to make it even more powerful!

Regina Lon - The Power of Sacred Geometry

Discover the otherworldly healing powers of Qigong, a 5k-year-old ancient practice, on this exclusive episode of The Inspiration Show. Joining us is my good friend and Sensei 
Tristan Truscott, a black belt student that was forced to end his career due to a crippling back injury. What took place after is an extraordinary journey into the flow of life force energy, mental power, healing, and mystical experiences that transformed his health.

Tristan Truscott - How to Heal With Qigong

In today’s world, many believe that if you’re “busy” you’re important, and if you live your life leisurely, you’re considered lazy. But why?
In this interesting episode of The Inspiration Show, my special guest and author of the book “Breaking Up With Busy”, shares why we often feel like we need to be busy all the time - and more so, why we see it as a virtue. If you’d like to live more by doing less and experience more gratitude and happiness, don’t miss this episode!

Yvonne Tally - How to Break Up With Busy

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