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Episode # 522 How To Trust Your Intuition - Terri Christine

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When you make plans, you expect those plans to materialize - and when they do, your brain rewards you with a rush of pride and satisfaction. But what happens when plans fall apart, and expectations are unmet? According to master life coach and bestselling author Christine Hassler, you experience an 'Expectation Hangover'. In today's fascinating episode of The Inspiration Show, you'll join Christine as she reveals how to 'rewire' your brain so you no longer need to wallow in regret, self-recrimination, or anger - and instead use your Expectation Hangovers as catalysts for profound transformation.

How To Live With No Regrets - Christine Hassler

Has the departure of a loved one or a profound life-changing event left you heartbroken? If you’re currently dealing with grief or looking for deeper meaning in your life, then today’s episode of The Inspiration Show will help you in your healing process. Robert Clancy, author and inspirational speaker, joins us to share how to shift from a space of crippling grief to one of hope, acceptance and healing.

How To Deal With Grief - Robert Clancy

You believe in the power of thoughts. But do you also believe it's possible to use the mind to heal yourself - and even others? If you're at all curious about this fascinating possibility, today's episode of The Inspiration Show may just shift your model of reality. Joining us is Lynne McTaggart, a best-selling author, award-winning journalist and lecturer, as she reveals how the mind can be turned into a tool for personal and mass healing.

The Power of Eight - Lynne McTaggart

On today’s episode of The Inspiration Show, I speak with Gaia mystic, healer, and international speaker: Mare Cromwell. Mare joins me to share her astonishing communications with Mother Earth or Gaia. During the show, you'll discover the timely 'spiritual transmissions' Mare has received from Gaia, and she sheds some light on the important role you play in bringing wisdom, love, and compassion back to earth.

The Great Mother Bible - Mare Cromewell

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