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Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with Dr. Paul Drouin, the Dean & Director of the Quantum Science University and a professor of Integrative Medicine, to discuss his motivation for creating QSU. After losing his brother to cancer, Dr. Paul became set on a mission to seek new treatments and to even find a cure for this dreaded disease. During the show, he explains how in the last 50 years of research, Quantum Medicine has influenced science, particularly in the areas of alternative medicine. Dr. Paul also shares some important details about his upcoming World Summit of Integrative Medicine, where 49 top experts on different modalities of medicine and science, like Dr. Lissa Rankin and Dr. Joe Dispenza, will come together and share their cutting-edge work.
Dr. Paul Drouin
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with one of the most respected and sought-after motivational speakers of our time, Bob Proctor. Bob joins Natalie to discuss his latest book called ‘The ABC’s of Success’ and how this book became an international best seller before even being released to the public. During the show, Bob explains that it took him over 9 years to discover why he was being successful despite of going against everything he was taught at home to do. This is why in his book, he hopes to stimulate people’s minds by asking them provoking questions about their life and own beliefs. Bob reveals that when people are programmed to live in a certain way, and they finally break this paradigm… they become winners.
Bob Proctor
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with transformational mentor, Brian Ridgway, aka ‘The Spellbreaker’. Brian joins Natalie to discuss his very inspiring spiritual journey that started when he became aware he had a strong intuitive sense at the age of 2, but kept hiding it out of fear until a few years ago. During the show, Brian explains that he was born into a situation of anger, violence and abuse, and therefore carried a self-esteem based on negative beliefs. He also shared that even though he would massively succeed, because of these beliefs, he kept self-sabotaging himself until he reached rock bottom and ended up suicidal and penniless. Brian shares the amazing series of miracles that took him from stuck to free (almost overnight) when he decided to honor his purpose in life and share it with the world. Brian is now on a mission to transform the lives of 300,000 people by 2017 by helping them break their spells and upgrade their self-image, their health, income and relationships, using the same practices that helped him reached complete joy.
Brian Ridgway
Today on The Inspiration Show, Natalie Ledwell speaks with international best-selling author, motivational speaker, life mentor and CEO of Triumph of Success Inc., Zlatoslava Petrak. Zlata joins Natalie to discuss how she came to realize that she not only wanted to study the Laws of the Universe but she also wanted to master them and teach them to others. During the show, Zlata explains that we’re all vibrational beings with unlimited potential, but are often limited by our own minds. In order to break free and access our full potential we must open our awareness and shift our mindset from feeling powerless and like a victim of our circumstances, to one of creation and manifestation. She also shares that when we align ourselves with our goals, that unlimited source of abundance and inspiration automatically opens up for us and many miracles start unfolding without effort. Plus, she reveals exactly how to align your thoughts with your feelings for successful manifestation.
Zlata Petrak

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Natalie: Today on the show I'm speaking with Jack Roberts who explains the science behind why affirmations are so powerful. So stay tuned.

Hi I'm Natalie Ledwell, and this is The Inspiration Show. And today my special guest is Jack Roberts the author of the Science of Affirmations. How are you Jack?

Jack: I'm doing great Natalie, how are you doing today?

Natalie: Pretty good for this beautiful sunny day. Now the reason I have you here is we really want to talk about this book and the science behind affirmations because as you know, that's a very important companion of Mind Movies. But what we might do initially is just start with your story and how you got to write the book.

Jack: Oh well thank you, it's a really cool story actually. Several years ago I was looking for a book that would tell me how to understand, how affirmations work, because you know, we have been told for a long time; use affirmations, affirmations will change your life and I said YEAH that sounds great. I'm going to start using affirmations, and so I started looking for something that would tell me how to use affirmations and how to understand the affirmations. Well, everything that I found on the bookshelves and on the internet was simply full of affirmations but nothing that really explained to me. And it's a bit of a long a story but to make the long story short, I was actually in a bookstore at a spiritual conference, religious conference, and in the bookstore I said; "I'm going to find what I am looking for in this bookstore, I just knew it I could feel it. " I'm going up one aisle and down the next looking for a book and I hear voices in my ears that say, "WRITE IT YOURSELF."

Natalie: Right.

Jack: And I said, OKAY!

Natalie: ALRIGHT!

Jack: I don't know what I'm doing but I'm writing it myself. And that's how the book came about. It's really about understanding not just affirmations but what affirmations really are, and how they really work.

Natalie: Right, so how do they really work? What are the sights behind affirmations?

Jack: Well, it's not very complicated the first thing that we really want to understand Natalie is that we all use affirmations every single day. Unfortunately in some cases, we're using them unconsciously, we don't realize that the words that we say and the thoughts that we think actually have power. So were not paying attention to our language, and for not paying attention to our thinking, and to our conversations, we are actually creating what shows up in our lives. We are created beings, we are manifesting beings, and so everything that we do has some sort of effect because we live in a cause and effect universe. So everything we do and everything we say has some sort of effect and the same is true with affirmations. So in the Science of Affirmations, what I teach, is that you want to pay attention to the words that you say, so the thoughts that you think, the conversations that you have and then Natalie, it goes even deeper than that, because affirmations are basically a YES! I like to say that affirmation is how you say YES to the universe.

Natalie: Right.

Jack: True, it's also our beliefs, our ideas, feelings, our actions, were lack of actions, all of these things are the ways that we say YES to the universe and the universe has no choice but to oblige us, that's how it all works. So this is really the science of affirmations, the science of the universe is also the science of affirmations, everything that we do, think and say has a result. So we work to being deliberate about it and this is where as you know Mind Movies also comes in the play. It helps us to deliberately focus on what it is that we really wanted to manifest.

Natalie: Right, because... are there certain rules that you'll be following when you're creating affirmations?

Jack: There are rules, these rules I should tell you... is you want to stick your affirmations positive. You were talking about the things that you want, not the things that you don't want in your life. so I was having a conversation, as a matter of fact I was having book signing the other night and we were also having a discussion and the same question came up, and the example that I gave is that if you want to be wealthy for example, you will talk about wealth, you were to talk about your desire for wealth, you don't want to talk about being poor, I don't want to be poor, I'm afraid of being poor because that's really where your focus is, that's really where your energy is even though in the back of your mind your thinking, "No I want to be wealthy!" but talking about being poor, or if your energy says that you're afraid of being poor, then that's what's going to continue to show up in your life. So when you are crafting your affirmations, you would want to them in a very positive manner.

Natalie: Right, cause there's a thing like it's amazing and I think a lot of us don't realize the power in the words that we use like even just saying... ok let's say for example you say; "I want to in death way" which you think is a positive affirmation, but of course as soon as you say the word "death", what picture instantly goes into your mind?

Jack: Exactly DEATH!

Natalie: Exactly! And all the negative vibrations and negative feelings that go along with it, but if you will change it and you'll go; "I'm abundantly wealthy." Well then that would paint a completely different picture in your mind.

Jack: Absolutely, in a conscious of a different picture in your mind because what we do is we attach certain feelings, and certain ideas, and certain pictures to the words that we use. And that's again why it is so important to be aware of what words we are using. Words have energy, you know, you've just said they have powers, yes they do they also have certain energy and that energy vibrates in us and consequently, it vibrates out from us. And another example that I like to use is, if you think for a moment about the word HATE, now no matter what the context is, there is a vibration and it's not a good one. Now let's get rid of that really quickly and think about the word LOVE. And that just creates a whole different vibration in your body. Words have, not just have but are ENERGY. And because we are energy and because everything else in the universe is energy, we want to use them largely and use them to our advantage.

Natalie: Right, so how should people use affirmations? I mean should we be riding at a list, should we be reciting them all the time, like what's the best way to be able to utilize affirmations once you have them on your goal?

Jack: Well, what I tell people is you want to make sure that you visit your affirmations every single day. Now I personally write my affirmations every day. That might be a little extreme, but at the very least, you want to make sure your reading your affirmations every day, because affirmations are all about you. Some people think, well affirmations are these magical thing and they go out somewhere in the universe and they push some certain buttons and they pull some levers and make all kinds of wonderful things happen in your life. NO, affirmations don't go anywhere; they don't do anything, except make a difference in you, in the person. They make a difference in your vibration, and it's your vibration that goes out into the universe and pushes the buttons and pulls the levers. So you want to visit your affirmations every single day so that you can stay in that vibration of what it is that you desire. Now I write my affirmations every day, I read my affirmations every day, and it just helps me to stay focus and to stay where I want to stay.

Natalie: Exactly, and that's the thing like... and I always talk about how important it is, the language that we use to describe our goal is positive which is why we describe our affirmations. But then, you know when your reading those affirmations, that's the time that you want to be visualizing those goals that are already in existence, that your already living this life, that you've already attained that goal, and this is the reason why we look at these every day and the thing is thru repetition, if you keep seeing this picture in your mind repetitively every day, then the subconscious mind counter the difference. You know it's like, ok well this must bundle of reality. So then you start vibrating at that level and of course when you get your vibration attracting back to you. So have you worked with people with affirmations like have you seen some success stories of people that you've seen been using affirmations?

Jack: Yes I worked with people with affirmations all the time and they made wonderful stories. I want to backtrack with just a moment...

Natalie: Yeah.

Jack: ...because we were talking about how to use affirmations and someone asked me; "how often should I say my affirmations?" I've heard, this is what someone said, I've heard you should say them a hundred times a day.

Natalie: Wow! As if you've got nothing else to do.

Jack: You've got nothing else to do. We want to be careful that we don't over use our affirmations to the point where it just becomes routine and it doesn't have any feeling for us anymore, because then it's not just doing anything, it's really all about the feeling, it's really about getting into the energy of the affirmations. And so yes I've worked with people all the time on affirmations, I worked with a young lady who had struggled a lot, she's not... a young lady actually and she had struggled with just life in general for most of her life and now she's in her 40s, she has still been struggling with money, struggling with relationships and all those things, now a very, very wonderful lady, a sweetheart, a person who could be your best friend and do anything for you, but couldn't quite figure out how to get her life on track. And one of the things I told her in sitting down and talking to her is that; "You really have to change your language." Now we were talking about that about a minute ago with the words that we use, but in her case it was also the stories that she was telling about her life. I said you have to stop telling these old stories of what you went through, and what happened to you even though many of the stories that she tells have a happy ending, she overcame this and she survived that... but really I said to her, you're still holding on to the energy of all of those things that don't serve you! They're not doing you any good. So once I showed her that and she stopped telling those stories, almost immediately, her life started to turn around. She found a much better place to live, she was able to get a bill, she had a good job, the job got even better for her, and this just happened in a matter of few months once she started changing her language. And she started feeling better, feeling better about herself and feeling better about her life, so it's... this is what excites me about is, Natalie, when it comes to affirmations we don't have to learn anything new, we don't have to do anything strange or anything weird. It's kind of like Mind Movies, you just sit there and watch it, you know. We don't have to learn some new process, we are already doing it, and you just have to learn to do it better.

Natalie: Yeah, you know Neil Donowoch has a sign that you are not your story, you know and when I think of that, I'm thinking here, but I'm choosing my story to be different, I'm choosing my story to be this so I'm kind of imparted my story, this is me but I've changed that around. But you know, even catching yourself, kind of often you know, a lot people... it has been like playing golf and a lot of people do play good golf as well, I'm thinking of, I'd really like to but I don't have hand and eye coordination, I can't hit the ball and I actually got to the point where my husband pulled me and said you got to stop saying that, because that would be your reality, you know, sounds like your right. I got to get back there and try again.

Jack: And you know sometimes things do challenge us. I was taking a course recently and it was a financial course on trading stocks and options and some of these are really over my head, and I caught myself saying; "WOW! This is really hard." And I said; "Wait a minute now..." okay it's new, it's different, there's a learning cur but don't say it's hard, because as long as you say that, then that's exactly what it will be. That's why the affirmation that I created for myself is, I'm getting better, and better at this every day. Then it didn't take away the fact that I still had a lot to learn, it's just made it so much easier and so much smoother.

Natalie: And that's a really good way to change that affirmation because sometimes when you go, THIS IS EASY, but you're going NO, but no it's kind of hard. It is something that's completely wrong, it's like ok, I'm not resonating with this, so you know, even though you're saying the words, your subconscious mind is going, No way. But if you're saying it's getting easier and easier, well then that is a good way to be able to approach that changing affirmation.

Jack: That's an excellent point Natalie because your subconscious can't argue with you...

Natalie: Yes, exactly. Yep you are right, well jack thank you so much for joining me today. Where can people find out more about you and your book?

Jack: People can go to our website, it is TheScienceOfAffirmations.com. You can purchase the book on the website, we have a lot of good free information on the website as well, we have a 4-week course that you can get on board with and it's absolutely free. And here's one thing that I encourage people to do, if you have questions about something you read on the book or you just have questions about affirmations in general, you can email me and I will absolutely answer your questions, my email is jack@thescienceofaffirmations.com. Because I love teaching this stuff and I love helping people.

Natalie: Awesome, thank you so much Jack. And guys I encourage you to share this video and the information in it by clicking the Facebook and share buttons above. And if you haven't done so already, make sure that you put your email on the box above there. I would love to send you the Manifesting with Masters Video A Course, masters like Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, and John Assaraf. It's valued in 87 dollars and I'd like to give it to you for free. So make sure you put your emails on the box above there to get that. So until next time, remember to live large, choose courageously and love without limits. We'll see you soon.

Jack Roberts
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