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Episode # 591 Sharon McRill - How to Transition Like a Winner

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594! That’s the number of Inspiration Show episodes recorded throughout these amazing years. Can you believe it? It’s been such an amazing ride - I’ve created amazing friendships, shared fascinating stories, watched lives being transformed; yet, the biggest gift has been to me. That’s why it’s hard to leave, but the time has come to transition to the next chapter.
But not without recording one very special last episode of The Inspiration Show for you!

Final Inspiration Show episode!

Have you ever heard about the miraculous healing power of Ayahuasca? Or perhaps even tried it yourself? In this special episode of the Inspiration Show, I interview my friend Brandee Lynn, who reveals the truth about Ayahuascas healing properties and the many miracles she’s witnessed at her retreat center: from fatal diseases being cured, to life purposes being found! If you’re open to learning more about this unique healing technique, then you’ll love this eye-opening episode.

Brandee Lynn - The Healing Powers of Ayahuasca

If you had to live in one room, with only one person forever - who would you choose? On this interesting episode of The Inspiration Show, my good friend and thought leader Stewart Emery, discusses the importance of choosing who you let in your room, aka - your life. Watch it now to discover how to set healthy boundaries, especially if you struggle with communication or ending toxic relationships.

Stewart Emery - Who's In Your Room

Sadness, shame, anger, embarrassment, disappointment, frustration, vulnerability, helplessness - are you guilty of repressing any of these emotions? In 30 years as a practicing psychologist, what our Inspiration Show guest, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, has found is that what often blocks people from succeeding in life is their inability to experience and handle 8 uncomfortable feelings. And when we don’t face or deal with them, she explains that they actually take away our confidence, health, and happiness. 
If you’re ready to master your emotions, make sure to watch this episode!

Dr. Joan Rosenberg - 90 Seconds to a Life You Love

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